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Rest day today


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Had the day relaxing today after another couple of busy dangling sessions.

Friday daytime was spent rock hopping after a few squid which resulted in some nice calamari for lunch. Decided to head down the beach again after dark for a quick session. Once again the beach fish were fired up, with bites on fresh baits before I could get the two rods in the holders. It was a mixed bag of fish, from Aus salmon, tailor (bluefish) sharks and small stingrays. Time got away from us with such a hot bite and before we knew it it was almost midnight and we had an early morning 5am start chasing marlin again the next day so pulled the pin and left the fish biting.

CCBC6F83-FF54-4881-9204-79207B78BC5F.jpeg.0ae42705b4c6e7cfea1f77d73367ed1d.jpeg A8411D42-752A-4F18-AE76-21812237D96C.jpeg.5e2a8741de49f4714fd351e8e1b921de.jpegDD9B4B69-9AAF-473A-9703-743D446B548C.jpeg.30247db106101e829262c14e8bc37898.jpeg4E149996-0692-4922-B29C-08AEFABCC21C.jpeg.0efcb21acf6ad9b1b7289d655f05cd1a.jpeg


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Oh no, just realised I've done it again posting in the wrong section, keep forgetting there's a beach section!!!!!!....tried to move it and can't. 

It's the friggin title that gets me every time, Catch reports. Heading for the sin bin. Remove or delete.


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8 hours ago, JonC said:

I will deal with this when you have come down from the effects of your medication. 

I keep forgetting about all the rules and regulations you like to put on yourselves back there while you let your government give away your fish to foreigners!!!!!.....Unfortunatly I've fallen into that "she'l be right mate mode" living here so long. In saying that we kick out foreign trawlers who want to catch all our mackerel and what feed on them as bycatch. 

Now, should toothy sharks caught on the beach be in the toothy section or beach and where is the kayak section for sharking kayakers. Im going spearing today 🙃

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6 hours ago, Saintly Fish said:

I think it's about time you stopped fishing for a while @JDP. You're making us look and feel bad. 🥺

Trouble when you have family come to stay that want to catch fish. Personally Im looking forward to targeting the smaller species, though I am fired up to target mako's when the water temp drops down, given them a miss the past couple of years as they can be pretty destructive to the boats.


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