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Deadliest bar crossing


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After another death of a boater crossing our local bar we now have the reputation of the deadliest crossing on the east coast. When you consider the east coast is some 4200km with hundreds of waterways, that's a hell of a reputation to have. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-04-19/narooma-bar-deadliest-crossing-in-nsw/102239844


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5 hours ago, thejollysinker said:

Interesting to read that even the humble life jacket didn’t prevent any of the deaths… must be lethal if you go over 😳

I had a couple experienced young boaters on my boat for spearfishing comp last weekend who couldn't believe how bad the bar crossing was and how glad they didn't tow their own boat here for the comp (900km each way). Even though I enjoy the adrenalin rush crossing it when the conditions are poor, you never feel 100% confident you will get through and crossing after dark is next level bum clenching!!!!!!....not that many will attempt that. 

Most successful rescues from here are done by young lads who are often out the front of the entrance surfing big waves, however they can also get in the way at times when you are trying to get a boat back in at some bar crossings.

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