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Where have all the Conger gone!!?


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.. Were some stupid mutterings made upon washing out many expensive baits upon taking back up the dark side of shore dangling.. !! 🫣

Since my last report, fishing has been much the same. Trying lots of new areas for the standard return, some whilst doing the 'care of the community bit'.. during a recent session he disclosed to me that he had been suffering with poor mental health, grind of daily life leading to his retirement had all begun to add up but getting back out on the pebbles just once a week had worked wonders for him and has aided in his recovery. Surprising the benefits of this silly little hobby of ours that amounts to spouting bollocks whilst washing out baits. 

Back to the fishing- last weekend of skanky bait up Eastoke on Halying was a manic bite a cast session with lots of micro bits. Bream, Bass, Dogs, Silver eel and Hounds.

Prior to wrapping the bait gear in last time, Conger (of the boot lace variety) along with the ever present Dogs had become more and more of a nuisance.. efforts made to use non-preferred baits proves fruitless, I know that's fishing but where's the joy in that!!?

Last night getting the old boy back out on the shingle, we found ourselves sticking more local than we'd hoped, ending up on Gilkicker.. providing some protection from the keen westerly and while fishing the flood from low.. it gives easy access to deep water, Gilkicker was the best of the options available. 

Despite being over the moon with the Conger exodus, last night, that all changed! A session with a wall to wall practical demonstration that they are still very much with us, sadly! Most surprisingly for me, straps of a fair size, picking up baits fished close into the shore for Bass!! I've attached pictures of the biggest one caught of the session.. caught by my pal but I had the dubious honour of holding it up for his snaps.




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3 hours ago, Malc said:

A rarity up here thankfully!

Strange isn't it the difference a few miles can make? 

1 hour ago, daio web said:

great write up bud and pics keep at it  

Thanks, mate. We will keep at it but I fear we have a few months of outtings ahead of us that will emulate this one. 

I know Silver eel are a highly rated Tope bait, I wonder if Conger are any good? 

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Well dangled Steve. Got a lot of time for a conger or two, even if the smaller ones do trash the rigs.

I also have to agree with your observation about our hobby/sport/pastime. Nothing better to clear the mind than a session by the water in my view, be it salt or fresh.

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