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dodgy email

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i recived a dodgy emale

from some one i know . arsking me to do them a faver

which was get him a gift card from amerzon for his frend ? in the regine of £100.00

i new ameditly it was not him becouse he nose the state of my finaceis and would not have arsked

i have reported it.


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A lot of these about. 
A friend of mine who is a doctor had the stuck in Nairobi messages sent to his friends. One of his friends actually paid money into an account for him. 
Unbelievable, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a Duck. 

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it must be a day for it just recived a mesage regarding my income tax . what a joke, havent had a letter so it s anouther con

i would wurry about it, but i sorted my tax out larst year and they gave me money

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