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Fuel lines

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Hi all,

I want to renew my fuel lines from tank to water separator.... 

Do I need a specific hose type? (Obviously one suited for petrol!) it’s for 300hp engines so not sure if I need high pressure lines? 

it’s only a short run of about 1m...

Its one of those things where it ain’t gone yet but I’d rather replace before it fails!

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2 hours ago, JonC said:

Is the fuel hose any different to car hose? By car standards the engines aren’t massive. 

Yes its the same type but has to be of a suitable bore to flow enough for the horsepower. 300hp prob somewhere in region of dash 8 (12mm)

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Carb or injection? If injection you need high pressure hose after the injection pump. I used to use calor gas hard piping on my competition cars, 8mm maybe 10mm from memory. Never quite had 300hp though! If you have space the bigger bore the better really. I would think the size will be dictated by the fitting size at the tank and engine ends though.

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