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Windy Chesil beach

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Wind stopped play this weekend so I thought i would brave the "big beach of broken dreams" on Friday evening and i wasn't disappointed - dreams were broken - No double figure blondes, no Smoothies, no Bass in the gutter -  Just a stiff cold breeze, a mountain of shingle to climb over only to be rewarded with a Spider crab and single Dogfish - before the lung busting hike back over the bank.

fishing the flood from 6pm to 9pm - one rod was a 2 hook flapper baited with Squid, the other was a pulley pennel with big mackerel bait. 

I also did a bit of lure fishing and tried for squid at dusk. No Joy.

Really cold, too windy to see any bites, hardly anyone else there. at least the wind was off my back - helped with my rusty casting skills!

after only one baby spider crab I was feeling defeated - at 8.30pm I started reeling in the small rod to pack up and noticed the big one had gone slack, i tightened it up again only for it to go slack - so i left it while i packed away the other rod. 

when i came to reel the big one in, it was heavier - another spider i thought - to my surprise a doggie came through the surf, 




blank avoided - but only just!


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