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Setting up trailer rollers


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My friends bought a trailer for their boat, a 640, and we tried to set it up with measurements from another 640 owners measurements and although they were close it wouldn't sit straight vertically. The centre roller sets were either one side or the other of the strake . Should the rollers sit outboard of the strake or inboard closer to the keel?

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55 minutes ago, Andy135 said:

Check tyre pressures across the axle/s.

Is the trailer on even ground?

Are the centre roller sets equidistant from the centre line of the trailer itself?

And lastly (but probably most unlikely), is the hull warped?

1. Good call, thanks 

2. Yes 

3. Yes

4. No, not as far as we can tell. Looking down the lines of the hull it is nice and smooth and inner areas of hull fine and dandy. 

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8 hours ago, Malc said:

Quick look online across other forums suggests that the reason it could be off vertical it could be the aux engine making list to port and/or backing too far into the water. 

Any other ideas please?

Is it a self aligning swing beam trailer (do the roller beams swing ?) and it probably only has 2 keel rollers toward the front of the trailer, and the roller sets on the beams support the weight of the boat

You should be able to adjust the lateral position of the roller sets (usually 4 or 6 pairs), the rears should sit about half way along the dead rise.

With a self aligning roller coaster trailer you can winch the boat on with the trailer wheels at the waters edge, but it is hard work, tough on the winch eye, and you need a good depth on the stern for when the bow rises.

Generally I reverse in the water, so the water is about level/ just below the hubs. This works best for me and I launch and recover the 5.85m (19ft) RIbcraft solo (it weighs a little over 1T, 1.6T all up weight on the trailer).

You can also sink the trailer and drive / float the boat on, but not easy to get right if you are in a tide flow.

I would be surprised if the aux was the issue, as you are only talking probably less than 40kg (my tackle box weigh more than that)

If it is a trailer with keel rollers and roller bunks, then the rollers sit 1/3 to 1/2 up the hull. The trailer should be in the water to at least hub depth, and the boat pulled onto the first keel roller using the painter, and then steady winch pressure applied. More care is needed with a bunked trailer as slipping off the keel rollers makes a mess of the gel coat 🙄


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