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River Exe poacher


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Ok, so maybe not strictly a poacher but illegal nonetheless. I'm disappointed that an angler would sneak onto a water they don't have permission to fish, so I say he deserves everything he got. We don't need any bad press as far as angling is concerned, in my opinion.


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Waters leased by Exeter & District, who also have the canal rights and a couple of lakes out at Tiverton. TBF there are some interesting fish in the canal with Carp and Pike going to well over 40lb. 40 years ago I used to fish in the Canal Turf Locks during the winter and a 2lb Roach / 3lb Perch was not uncommon. However, the canal is now very, very weedy and difficult to fish, since the sewerage boat (known as the 'shit' boat) stopped running many years ago. It used to go up and down twice a day.

That part of the Exe used to hold Dace & Chub, but it is many years since I fished their waters.

Not really Poaching, in course terms it is called 'Guesting' ........... but he had No EA licence and no Exeter permit, so I guess justice was served.

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