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Great weather weekend

Tony smith

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Went down to the boat on the Friday night as planned. Forgot to check the tides and had to wait an hour for the tide to come in so I could get my boat on the pontoon. 
My mate James turned up. We had a chat and the hour soon passed. 
The few jobs I had to do on the boat didn’t really go to plan either let’s just say don’t but bulbs from China 😫

After a beer or two we set a plan for the next days fishing. 
We decided on Hayling Bay

The Blocks and the Stokes Bay.

Target species Smooth Hound and Plaice 

Woke up on Saturday morning on the boat just in time to see the sunrise over Portsmouth what a lovely day. 
Got to Hayling at 7am drifted about for 3 hours not a bite. 
off to the blocks and anchored up started fishing then cooked breakfast. Why does bacon and sausages baguettes taste better on the boat. 🤨

Another 3 hours fishing without a bite. 
So off to Stokes Bay we go.

Stayed there till 2am one bloody dogfish 

Getting cold at this point so we went back to Hardway hoping the next day would be better. 
Slept like a baby I was knackered.

Got up a 7-30am and we headed out to the Nab Tower hoping deeper water would give us something. On the way out we stopped off at Dean Tail to catch some bait fish 

I had 1 herring no mackerel there yet.

Got to the Nab about 10-30am set up rods within 10min a smooth hound of about 4lb

James had a great take, he was fighting it for about 6 mins when his line snapped he come walking with his head down on the boat from the bathing platform when my rod went off. I was finally into a decent fish. 
but as I was playing this fish the line kept banging and feeling rather strange 

we netted the smooth hound of about 15lb 

And found out that James hook was in the fishes mouth my line was wrapped around the fish but my hook wasn’t even hooked in it. The smooth hound come in with about twenty wraps of braid around it, it looked  like a joint of beef ready for the oven😀

James wasn’t happy having to net his fish for me haha. 

James had another dogfish. We come in a bit early 2-30pm it nice relaxing packing up rather than leaving it late 

The two days weather was warm in the sun but chilly in the wind sea state good 

we had a great time and the boat went great after a poor weekends fishing I managed a PB Smooth Hound 

I know in the carp world if it ain’t hooked it don’t count I will leave up to you guys to tell me on that one 🥱

Now thinking of the next trip hopefully Sharking how exciting 👍


Don’t know why the photos are upside down 😫

Down scan at Dean Tail wreck 







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Well that sounds like a weekend of adventure, even if most of it was spent blanking!

That's a fair catch in my book. It was hooked and it was brought to the boat. No rule says it has to be the same hook that boats the fish 😉👍

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