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Rod tip up high, use braid as lower diameter will hopefully attract less weed.

When I used to shore fish I gave up once the weed arrived, it was too much work to keep pulling it off my line and I also used to find that the fishing was never much cop as the baits got smothered 

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Lesson to the newbies would be to first alternate fishing distances, sometimes the weed will run parallel to the beach in bands..

Tip high in the stand to change the angle of line, fish one rod with a quick clip system onto the trace, keep one baited to change in rotation.. the other benefit is that you can knock the weed down the line to the connecter, disconnect and shake the weed off in one hit rather than picking.

I only bait fish for Bass with large baits 6/7oz, casting only a short range.. doing so without a leader but decent 25lb line, not braid due to its rubbish abrasion quality, using shock leader will stop a retrieve thats less than ideal over rough ground. 

Mainline directly through to a quick clip, rotating baits again.. my biggest Bass at 12lb 9oz came to this method, along with many other fish including Cod to Bass baits.

Generally weed comes and goes, pick your fishing spots wisely and you won't see any, if you go chasing fish at weedy marks you'll have to put up with it and focus more on certain tide states, more to this game than 3 hours up and down. 🤪

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We've had a plague of chopped kelp after all the recent storms.  You can cast over it, but have to retrieve through it.  Caught two good bass last week on straight through 60lb braid, but retrieving them in 50kg of weed, with the fish a bit knocked about, made me give up.  The storms piled a metre or so of kelp on the beaches, then covered it with shingle, so even a calm week is still washing it out and into the surfline.

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