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The tramp

Saintly Fish

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A Tramp goes into a bar and orders a beer.  The barman is a little concerned and asks if he can pay.  The Tramp replies "If I show you the most amazing thing you've ever seen, will you let me have a pint for free?"

The barman says, "Show me and I'll consider it."

So the Tramp reaches into his bag and pulls a hamster. The hamster run down the bar, hops onto a bar stool, then the floor and over to the piano. The hamster opens the lid and starts playing. The hamster plays Chopin, ragtime, and Gilbert and Sullivan. 

The barman says, "I am impressed" and brings the Tramp a pint of best bitter. 

After a while the Tramp asks for another beer. The barman says "We agreed to one beer" 

So the Tramp replies "If I show you something more amazing, will you give me another beer?"

The barman says, "Okay, but you be will hard to beat the hamster". Meanwhile the hamster continues to play.

The Tramp reaches into his bag again and pulls out a frog. The frog hops down to join the hamster. The frog grabs the microphone and begins to sing along with the hamster who is still playing the piano.

The Tramp is given his second pint. 

A customer at the end of the bar has been watching the performance. He walks over to the Tramp and says, "I work in the theater and I'd like to buy that frog. Will you sell the frog for £50?" The Tramp says no so the man raises it to £100. The Tramp agrees and hands over the frog. 

As the man is leaving, the barman says to the Tramp "Why did you sell the frog,  it must be worth more than £100!"

The Tramp replies, "Not at all, the hamster is also a ventriloquist."

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