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Camswan again and Highland Brigade


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I was out on Sunday blanking at St Cats Deep, and on the way I stopped at a couple of wrecks to continue refining the transducer set up on Jersey Girl. I need to tweak the angle of the Active Imaging transducer as it loses bottom over about 10 kts. But it works fine below this. Below is the Camswan again - best image clarity yet.


Conditions were pretty calm so there is minimal disruption of the image due to wave action.

I also buzzed over the Highland Brigade - below is what she looks like at 18kts. For those that don't know, she's quite a large wreck - I found it interesting that she's relegated to a relatively small blob of structure at speed (image is a function of speed/time on fishfinders) - she'd be easy to miss, so it's always worth scouting an area at slow speed to pick up the wreck/reef/feature more clearly on the finder.



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