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PB conger - unexpected!

mike farrants

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will do a catch report - but this beast fell to fresh mackerel head, over clean ground in weymouth bay! 

It put up a good fight in the water and an even better one in the boat!

didn't weigh it as it wouldn't stay in the flexi-tub - not sure how best to weigh a conger ?

thoughts on weight? got to be over 20lbs right?


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Nice eel Mike. Strange indeed that it came over clean ground. At this time of year they're usually tucked up in a hole or crevice somewhere snaggy. Could well be a 20lb fish. Looks a bit on the skinny side but it depends how wide it was. Either way it's a good conger - well done 👍

As for weighing them, @Saintly Fish uses a Boga grip with a built in weighing scale. Or you could keep them in the landing net and weigh both fish and net, then subtract the weight of the empty net to arrive at the weight of the fish alone.

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