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Offshore Outlaws just got mega-funding! Free boats for everyone! 🤣 ​


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Found this in my inbox today. Not sure that targeting business owners is the right way to go if you're a scammer, given that most business owners I know are pretty savvy. 🤦‍♂️

UNITED Nations
Mrs. Geoffrey W. Okamoto
Open funds letter to you today


Do you own a business company or you have business in mind to
establish, Tell us about your business or business you have in mind to
establish, the United Nation is willing to assist each business
company to establish their company with sum of $2.4 million. it's a
free gift from us. to assist you. to expand your business company to
big Company and we want you to apply more workers in your company. We
are assisting some other's company to help us create jobs available
for citizen, this is the only way we can make them happy and to avoid
them committing crimes in the States, so if you own a company or you
have business in mind to established and willing to help your Citizen
please contact us, we can't do this alone, we need you people, thanks
for your understanding and God bless you

Mrs. Geoffrey W. Okamoto

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