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another day out of weymouth 22nd Aug

mike farrants

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got the in laws staying again - so despite 15mph winds yesterday we decided to head out - the wind was mostly off the land, forecast to be dropping, and our friend (Tim) was already out - so we headed out about lunchtime for a few hours  - plan to feather for mackerel for Tea and Bait and then anchor up close in for a mixed bag. 

Started off lovely - beaming sunshine, and relatively chop - Tim reported only one mackerel on his boat (3 of them fishing) having tried all 3 of portland entrances - so we did a number of drifts in shore of portlands first entrance - where i had caught before and before long Phil had a brace, I saw Tim steaming over to join us, and we had 6 mackerel - 3 for eating and 3 for bait. Phil also had a red Gurnard - wasnt bright red, but wasnt a tub or grey either (happy to be corrected if greys have red in them.) 

we figured 6 were enough with the frozen bait we also had, so we went off to anchor. 

Tim had gone further out than we planned - we could see him but probably 1/2 a mile to a mile further out - but now wind against tide produced a healthy slop but not too uncomfortable. after an hour he came back in stating "its F'ing rough out there" - so we were glad to have stayed inshore. 

fishing was slow but enjoyable - we ended up with dogs, phil had a 6lb Thornie, and i had a similar size conger. not the bream or smoothies I had hoped for. 


upon lifting the anchor the steering cable jammed/something came loose - so i had to navigate home "analogue" style - with a Tiller! - thank goodness pugwash had a back up steering plan! running fore and aft to adjust the throttle was interesting and coming alongside although a challenge went perfectly smoothly.



Phils ray fell to a mackerel head - rather ambitious!


Tim returning form the deeps - they had a 33lb conger - and a gurnard (plus doggies)




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