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Numpty Watch


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So it’s been a sunny bank holiday (at least in Wales) 

Not too many numpties down here…. I had to do 2 tows in all. 

One someone was too scared to exit the locks in Milford, I got fed up of waiting so just did a side along tow and dragged them out….

The second had broken down. No life jackets, handheld VHF with a flat battery , no ropes apart from the anchor rope and 2 bits of string to use as mooring lines…. All with 2 kids on board, one about 5 and other a 9 month old baby….

I got tasked to tow him in. Was a heavy displacement boat so a bit tricky to manuvere. I said to put his fenders out “what are they”…..

I dropped them back to Marina after a stern talking to by the coastguard and marina staff. 

Hopefully they’ll learn….

Aprt from that, had my anchor dragged by a speedboat 2 jet skis trying to race me…. (Shame for them the harbour patrol was running to my port)…. 

Roll on September when the silly season is over 😡

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