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Thursday 22nd


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With a total lockdown due to start at 6pm on Friday 23rd (and the barrage closing except for emergencies) work was put on the back burner and bait was ordered

Got in the 7.30am lock and were out in open water heading East by 7.45

Arrived at Ladye Bay, Clevedon around 30/40 mins later and the pick was dug in, then it slipped, then it dug in again

Fresh blacks and rag on the uptiders, whole squid on the downtider, kettle on the gas

3 cups of tetleys finest for me and my 2 crew (Shuff and Nipper) and a Tunnocks teacake to get the sugar levels up ready for the boat full of cod we were going to land

My downtide rod was first to twitch and when I struck into it, showed all the classic traits of a nice sized cod, stayed deep with the odd solid thud

Then unbelievably, the double figure cod got off and was replaced with a 6-8lb Thornback, which started kiting in the tide and making a nuisance of herself

Quick pic then returned to dupe someone else

Nipper then had a near carbon copy of my first fish (although his definitely knew it was a Ray and acted accordingly)

Pulled the pin and moved a bit further out on slack water to the bank of a channel that (when they are in) always produces cod

Apparently, cod weren't made aware of this rule and stayed away allowing us to bring in some nice-ish congers (if ever there were anything nice about them) to around 10-12lb and a few dogs

The ebb got too strong and with wind against tide we pulled anchor and headed back down the channel for a mark on the coral

A real snotty ride back with the tide and against a much stronger than forecast wind gave the roof and deck a good swill off though 

Dropped anchor toward the top end of the armada that were already there and in the hour that we were there I had one pin whiting, with nothing else showing interest in any of our baits

Upped anchor for the last time and made the 10 min journey into the 4.15 lock, talking to a charter skipper and all he had heard caught was a few small codling and one around 6lb near him

Very hit and miss at the moment, with some nice doubles coming out, but not in abundance.............yet

Barrage shut until Nov 9th 😭


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On 10/24/2020 at 10:39 AM, Andy135 said:

Well done for getting out at least. Shame you guys can't scratch the itch until November now 😭.

And that's the earliest we can expect to get out

If Drakeford feels like flexing his muscles again, it could well be later


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38 minutes ago, jonnyswamp said:

And that's the earliest we can expect to get out

If Drakeford feels like flexing his muscles again, it could well be later


Well, you have my sympathies. I was climbing the walls to get out on the boat when we were locked down in the summer and I have absolutely no wish to repeat that. Of course if it happens in England then I'll respect it, but from one angler to another I feel your pain 😭

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Well Drakeford says his “firebreak” will end in 2 weeks. 

However, what he hasn’t said is what restrictions will be in place after that....

A man without a plan it appears 

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