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Transducer Spray Shield


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Since moving the panoptix transducer from the forward scan position to the down scan position, a rooster trail has been an issue at speeds above 28kts.

The problem is the usual issue of fast water leaving the transom and being forced through the transducer bracket channel, which creates a hosepipe effect.

Some time ago I constructed a piece of thin plastic to extend the original Garmin spray deflector. This was successful but the plastic would fold away at higher speeds (35kts).

Today, the plan was to recreate the Garmin spray deflector, but longer and with a slight bend in it to deflect the water flow smoothly.

I had some 316 sheet to hand, maybe a little on the thick side at 1.5mm, the original Garmin plate is 0.85mm. 

An hour or two with an air die grinder, a bench green grit wheel, polisher, and the job is done.

Garmin on the right and my replacement on the left



The new plate fitted in it’s correct position.


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That looks great, I have mine fitted above the transducer to the hull but I prefer the look of this. I also have two of the transducers on sliding brackets so I can pull them up high if I have to race another boat!!!!!!

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