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Weymouth 24th Oct

mike farrants

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looked like a mild night but a westerly wind blowing so i opted for a quiet sheltered spot i know that usually throws up a mixed bag after dark - i thought it might even turn up a few Squid, 

so armed with 2x beachcasters and my spinning rod i headed down at sunset.

A couple of swimmers still doing their thing so i cast a dexter out (avoiding them) - while waiting for them to finish

at dusk the first rod went out - pulley pennel with a biggish bait - old re-frozen mackerel and lug combo bound on.

2nd rod 2 hook flapper with pop ups and squid strip

not much happened until after dark - i switched to squid jigs on the spinning rod to keep me entertained  - but not long till the flapper had bite - small pout. 


I changed the big rig to a hole king prawn and managed a small silver eel - greedy thing, same thickness as the king prawn - made a right mess of the rig. my first though and therefore a PB


i had a few more pout on the squid - but not much else. 


one other guy caught a squid - so know they can be caught there

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