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Solent car park


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Apologies its a couple of days late... 

Decided on a trip in the Solent on Sunday, toyed with heading outside but had a feeling it wouldn't be too pleasant,  I got a call from a mate who had ventured out mid morning to the spoils and said it had quite a bit of swell.  Glad I decided to stay inside. 

Anyway motored over towards Ryde middle but was toying with Lepe or Ryde up until I heard 23 boats were sat around Lepe, decision made Ryde middle it was. 

Couldn't get on my normal spot as it already had some boats on it so dropped the hook on a set of numbers I pinched from a charter for just such circumstances. 

Opened up my mackerel, defrosted one pack, cut it open into an awful smell,  one of them I had frozen and vac packed had split it guts and I hadn't noticed, my god did it smell. Wasn't going to waste it and with Whiting in mind I poured the bait on the hooks and down it went. 

What followed were a steady stream of small whiting for the rest of the day, guess they didn't mind the stench. 

I had a second rod down with something different in mind, baited with half a small cuttle and a couple of Squid, this rod produced straps throughout the day.  

Think the boat anchored next to us managed a small unicorn given by the cheer that went up when they netted it.  Heard of a few Cod caught but given there were nearly 60 boats inside the Solent I didn't think the success ratio was very good. 

Decided to sack it at around 3pm and true to form had a nice bite on the squid and cuttle.  Didn't feel very big but when reeling it in gave a few small thumps and stayed straight under the boat.  I started to think maybe we had finally found a small codling, but it turned out to be the biggest Pout I've had in the Solent.  Took a 6/0 Pennel with ease.  I didn't bother with a picture as I'm not one for pictures of Pout 😁

Starting to get bored chasing the Unicorns and hope that the Spurs really make a comeback round here as I'd rather spend a day fishing for them. 

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