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No joke...but funny


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Preamble is HERE if you haven't read it, it will help give an overall picture. 

The only thing I didn't mention was it was a competition at the local marina and although we registered we didn't weigh in as we needed to get back in early as my friends needed to get back to walk (empty) the dogs. A noble thing as they couldn't get a dog walker.

A good few hours later and my phone rings as me and my lovely lady wife are enjoying a cold beverage in a local hostelry, my mate is on the other end and in a quiet voice says "Bit of a nightmare mate..." 

Now my blood turns cold and thick thinking what has happened! "...we've dropped a bo!!ock mate!" 

Apparently the winning fish was 2lb 11oz codling 😭

We would have been 1st, 2nd and 3rd...

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