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Bait collection


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Normally I catch bait as I fish, I see it as part of the challenge, however I’ve decided to try things differently in order to concentrate more on larger target species. 

So headed to the beach with my son in the hope of finding tailor or as some call them ‘bluefish’. You don’t simply rock up to a beach and hope for the best, it’s more a case of stopping on headlands, then scanning the beaches for worthy looking deep gutters with channels to deep water. 

Found what looked promising and my sons first cast proved we were on target. Another 20-30mins and we had enough bait for tomorrow evening where we will have the usual crew of kids along for some after school after dark hopeful rod bending. 

I’ve knocked the fillets off as small bait sized and the head gut sections will be used by anyone keen on targeting sharks. There have been some very large hounds to 25kg recently and one of the young lads has his hopes on a large one of those. 

Might end up a biteless evening but I’m sure @JonC will be urging us on for a top catch report so all we can do is try our best. 

Bait is vac packed in the fridge.









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51 minutes ago, Andy135 said:

Tight lines @JDP 👍

I doubt I will personally fish, rather keep my gloves on!!!!....stuffed my finger tips commercially fishing for shellfish over the past couple of weeks, even catching the bait was hard going. It will be down to the youngsters mostly. Makes casting 






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3 minutes ago, Andy135 said:

That looks uncomfortable. Is the skin broken too, or just peeling? Either way, it needs time to heal.

Broken and bleeding after the beach session catching bait. I dived for lobsters yesterday which didn't help!!!!!

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Results from last night. Well and truly under the pump with six people fishing and a constant fish hook up within 30 seconds of bait hitting the water. So yes obviously those baits didn't last long, so approx 20 more tailor and salmon were added to the collection as we fished.

It was mostly small fish to 5lb and not until 2 hrs after dark did we hook into something worthy of a back ache. It was the you lad who was keen on getting a big hound who hooked the biggest shark of the night, funny enough on my daughters rod which she had asked him to briefly hold as she took a phone call!!!... This was a very large shark and unfortunately a protected species, so after 45m battle was cut free at the hook in the surf. Its not a good place to be in the surf at night after burleying dozens of fish over the past few hours.

The kids did a few video's on their phones but it was down to me to be at the sharp end of the trace, so no photo's from me (sorry JonC)

My son landed a small shark of around 8kg but the fact we were targeting a fish species (jewfish, mulloway) meant we were all using just 80lb mono. I was flat out rigging up new traces and replacing hooks, so found the evening exhausting so was glad when we headed for home, even though I still had a few fish to fillet at midnight.

Back on the commercial fishing tomorrow but hope to get out over the weekend targeting southern bluefin and yellowfin tuna now they have turned up offshore. 

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