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Gone West


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35 minutes ago, JonC said:

I think those timber topsides need a bit of TLC at some point please. 

Absolutely, but its not my boat.

They are giving it a clean off as it was Abraham Lincoln from 2 x 8hr days of fishing and sat in 25C heat. I had to take a knife and scrape off dried mack off my trousers before putting them in the washing machine. 

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3 hours ago, Andy135 said:

...sounds like a great weekend...

It was, we were completely trashed on Saturday night due to the conditions and to be frank I was goosed on Tuesday too, it was not too bad for the bigger boats and decreasing through the day however. We had loads of laughter though, such as chasing a joey mackerel around under the hatch edges (yes there was that much water running around at times) and eventually having to use long nose pliers to get its tail and drag it back to open areas, dumbass giggly sugar low times, sheer flukes like hooking a mackerel in the mouth with a 8/0 circle when retrieving an empty tope trace, losing a (the first) smoothie at the boat instead of asking for the net, going light and getting smoothies and rays a plenty on small hook flapper rigs, bites rays, doggie rash, and a dab or two of karma when we were 30 seconds behind an RTA with a paramedic, car mechanic, and an ex firefighter onboard, and giving a crew our handheld radio when their's failed and might have meant that they could not compete. 

Freaking great every time we go. 

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