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No monsters here…


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In an effort to get some rod hours in after shortening our holiday I nipped down to Babbbacombe pier with my mate Aaron for a couple of hours (can’t say I’d go there again but never say never 😅).

 I caught the smallest mackerel I’ve ever seen with my spinning gear so decided to get the lrf gear going. Simple dropshot setup with a size 10 carp hook resulted in loads of micro pout, a tompot blenny and a long spined sea scorpion. Aaron caught a small Huss.


 I went to Cogden next day only to be confronted with a massive swell so got the big guns out and fished hard all day for a bass and a cod. The pout showed up in numbers as did the poor cod. I also got a small strap, two bass (under size) and a flukey flounder on a 4/0 😅


something decent hit that poor cod at the wrong end unfortunately 😕 and I also lost a good fish just before dark, damn 😩 that spurred me to stay on until 11pm but strangely it literally just went dead 🤷‍♂️

Never mind, in the space of 24hrs I’d added 6 new species for our ‘group’ hunt so was happy with that 😊

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4 hours ago, mike farrants said:

nice one - love a bit of fun with the small stuff - were they on rag or lures? 

good result at cogden too - i should try there more often - i'm only up the road!

Thin strips of squid, seems to work for a lot of the small stuff although I do like using rag too when I have it 👍

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