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Saturday 9th Sept - Weymouth

mike farrants

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With a 30+deg day and no wind we just had to get out.

Haven't been out on Tims boat seadog for a couple of months - we hit the bay for mackerel early, found around 7 or so (kept 4 big ones for tims BBQ)

Soon we headed out to the mixed ground mark and it didn't disappoint.


Bream all day (apart from slack) provided great sport on the light rod - and some big ones too - i got my new PB of 2.0lb - which cam e home for dinner. 


 I had a lovely grunty gurnard. 


I also had Scad, pout, conger and dogfish. Tim had the same plus 2x thornbacks. 




we also heard a PanPan turn into a mayday - a local charter skipper had a customer collapse on his board - lifeboat and Heli both called - but heli was going to be some time - so the skipper managed to get his boat back into Weymouth and a waiting ambulance with an escort from the AWL. Not sure on the patients outcome - hope all was ok. 


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