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Wee dab of luck!


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After the debacle yesterday I got the right tide and set off with a bit of hope and optimism that I might get a fish or two. The beach has been remodelled by the storm and I thought it better to get as far up the pier as possible, which meant nearer the gate than the beach, the rest being out of bounds as the top is missing off the lighthouse and a large section of the end wall too.



Set up my tripod and light rod and sent a 2 hook flapper with herring and lug with a tip of mackerel 60m out onto what I hoped was still sand. First thing was definitely a crab, pull down and a ping and eventually I reeled in a partially mangled herring but just lobbed it back in. Next was a proper rattle, dab or whiting? Dab!


Bit of a tiddler but a start, then a whiting, then a bigger dab.


It went on like that for 2 hours with only 3 casts without a fish and only one crab!

Sea life has been hammered though, lots of dead things on the beach, including a couple of octopus!


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Very nice! Good result - top marks 👍🤣.

Must be nice to be the only angler on the beach catching anything. I'm usually one of the ones looking over at him enviously 🤣.

Did you take the dab for the table? I hear they're tasty, but I've not caught one to try.

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50 minutes ago, Malc said:

No but I did take 3 sizeable whiting, mostly because they were deep hooked 

Everyone frowns upon whiting but for me they taste better than cod. They are obviously smaller and a little fiddly but taste good. I often take home a bucket of fillets. 

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On 10/24/2023 at 3:39 PM, JonC said:

Everyone frowns upon whiting but for me they taste better than cod. 

That surprises me 🤔

I find them very bland and almost tasteless. 

We normally chuck them straight back, or use as bait if we are short, however, live or flappered whiting do make an excellent shark bait.

The only fish I eat are, Plaice, Turbot, Brill, Bass, Cod, Ling, Pollock, and Mackerel. Also the occasional Haddock or JD, but we rarely see them here.



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4 hours ago, mike farrants said:

is octopus any good as bait?

Yes, for common skate! I presume that cod would wolf them down but as they were washed up I had no way of knowing how fresh they were. 


3 hours ago, GPSguru said:

I find them very bland and almost tasteless. 


I like them as they take on flavours or can be in the background like melt in the middle fishcakes.

Or dredged in 70-30 flour and paprika then egg and then breadcrumbs made from leftover brioche rolls 😋 

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