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Burnham On Sea 5/5 and 25/5


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Just realised I haven’t put any reports up lately 

5/5 we had our first comp of the year, a short notice one in a break in the weather so only 3 boats turned up. We all started on a local bank looking for a bass but only 2 were caught on the same boat, not ours unfortunately. We all moved off to try for something different buffing ding fish insize was proving difficult. Loads of dogs, straps and thornbacks. We seem to have loads of small thornies in the bay up to around 7lb but we have a minimum size of 8lb and every year it seems the average size is dropping. We then pushed another 6 miles or so down channel looking for something different. Dogs were a pest again but my uncle had a hound and I found a spotted ray for our year long species hunt. A couple more moves then back on the beach but only 2 fish weighed in, none for us. Match was won with a doggie and a hound took second. 


Good weather on Saturday so out again. Stopped for a bass at the start and I managed one of 3-13 in amongst the rays, straps and dogs. Then a move around 10 miles down channel but this was dog city. After an hour or so of relentless dogging e moved back up to a coral bank looking for a hound. More of the same though we did find a couple of hounds and I had a tiny bull huss for our species hunt





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2 hours ago, Odyssey said:

Some nice fish there 🙂 how’s the new boat going? 

Really good. Just wish it was on my drive so I could get jobs done. Only really see it when we’re going out fishing  and it needs a bit of tlc 

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