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30th June Weymouth

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another good forecast saw us head out again - usual mark this time and 4 of us. 

Mackerel were hard to find across all 3 of portlands entrances - with only 2 in the bucket after an hour we went to the mark.

were were either fishing big baits for rays/huss/eels or small baits for Bream etc. 

I had a couple of lovely bull huss, and a small but lively tope. 



plenty of dogs and eels too. 

big baits were getting stripped by the bream so you knew when you had no bait left as the rattles stopped - on one occasion I was reeling in an empty hook and a mackerel took it on the way up - an empty hook perfectly set in its mouth! 

Tim also caught some mackerel pout and scad to top up the fresh bait

he was on the bream and must have had 20+ of varying sizes. 

he got in amongst the big fish too....


his sons had thornies, eels, bream and dogs  

fish for the day included

Bull huss, Thornbacks, bream, Tope, Mackerel, Scad, Pout, Conger, and dogs 

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3 hours ago, jonnyswamp said:

Seems to be the go to place for Mackerel down there, the Portland entrances

All the charters try there, aren't there any other spots that they are caught ?

All over the bay. We had 2 in the entrances then 2 at 5 miles out in 80ft water! It’s just they tend to concentrate in the tidal flow of the entrances! 

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