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3D printing ?

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I'm looking for a pair of plastic beakers/cups that fit in the helm position either side of the steering wheel on my Arvor 250

I haven't had any luck sourcing the originals so thought about going down the 3D printing route

I have one of the originals in tact, the other suffered sun damage and crumbled

Anyone know, 1 can you still get the originals or 2, know of a 3d printing company that I can send the original to, so it can be copied ?

Have sent a few enquiries out online, but no replies as yet

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You might be better off asking your local university or design college - that sort of design/shape would be good as a learning exercise for their students.

Or failing that, ask on a 3d printing forum. Plenty of enthusiasts out there who would have no problem helping you out. Here are a couple to get you started.



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Hi mate, 

Try drum lord based in cwmcarn 

they do all our rapid prototyping for us in work. They are model makers so all the 3D printing tools you can ever need 🙂 



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