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Propeller woodruff? Key

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Ok so I’m not the kind of guy to run roughshod over someone else’s post as you all know so I’m starting my own ‘it a woodruff key’ thread. 
More important than naming a by piece of metal is the question of the fit. @suzook12mentioned that the fit should be tight, so I’ve looked at mine and am now not sure. 
My key isn’t square it’s rectangular, the smaller size being nearly a mm smaller than the channel in the prop. 0ED604E7-614F-435E-AD3A-F467BEF0C0CC.thumb.jpeg.424c2efecce232ae34008335ddfafa9f.jpegF0FF1A6B-61F2-4644-AF02-329E659E7EC3.thumb.jpeg.a2c04523835846d4e85ee6ee797e6878.jpeg

The larger dimension is a tight fit,FA63D3DC-385E-4270-A4B6-1594F84A87F6.thumb.jpeg.fe4687a1a9f226daa466ec4613d1f225.jpeg

It will sit in it without falling out. 
I haven’t got the shaft in my house as it’s still on the boat. 
So should I force it in the tight way or as I’ve been doing the loose way?

There is no visible wear on the keyway on the prop. 


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You are measuring the height of the key there, not the width. It shouldn't be tight, but it should be "snug", anything from a firm push to a gentle tap to get it in the slot....

Check the width of the key steel and check the depth of the groove in the prop and in the shaft. Sounds like you may have the wrong key steel in there.

The slot in the prop may not be a match to your shaft, in which case you make have to make the best of it, maybe using some bearing fit (it's like a loctite type stuff)

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