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huge hoard of wreck numbers


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anyone on here in the south west with a boat capable of a good run offshore? as several years ago I was given a massive list of numbers in lat n long and Decca about half a dozen A4 sheets worth. quite a few are a fair way off but im happy to share them if they are any good to anyone down this way..

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28 minutes ago, Andy135 said:

Good offer Lee, and good on you for making it. I'm sadly too far to take advantage but I'm sure someone will take you up on it. 👍

Yes what he said 👆🏻. I’m also too far East to take advantage. But well done on the offer. 

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I will go through them and see what’s what, they were given to me by a guy who worked as the navigator on nimrod so I would say his equipment was pretty good. 
they were for the north coast too but I will have to look to see how far up they go. 

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