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Spring Plaice trip

Tony smith

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Went down the boat on the Saturday night 

Had a few jobs to do on her before the trip the next day.

Getting the boat off her swinging mooring and back to the pontoon in the dark on my own was a bit of a job. All went well it's such a good feeling once you have the boat Safe on the pontoon.

Got up 6am after a cold night on the boat 

Weather was perfect. Two mates turned up at 6.15am 

We left at 6.30am heading for Dean tail to see if we could catch some early mackerel 

We had a few drifts over the wreck at Dean Tail picked up two foul hooked whiting but no mackerel. Must be full of whiting there.

After about an hour at Dean Tail we headed out to the Boulder Banks and The Swashway. Got all the bling rigs out I had pre made for the plaice only to catch Dogfish after Dogfish (I will give you the mark Andy if you are interested 😅)

Sorry Mate couldn't help myself 

We tried at anchor and on the drift but the plaice didn't want to play today. We caught about 15 Dogs

The sea was lovely and smooth and there was a few boats out there.

Wind started to pick up in the afternoon 

One of my mates started to go quite and I new where this was heading. 

Let's just say it's a pitty we wasn't sharkimg plenty of chum.

I decided to go back and fish the blocks nearer home and a bit calmer. I set up light rods and tackle.

Caught a lovely small Stary Smoothound 

And a few more dogs they felt much better on the lighter tackle.

My mate still wasn't feeling well and hadn't eaten all day 

So I decided to go back to the pontoon at Hardway where he perk up and couldn't stop eating.

All in all a good day on the boat with no problems. And no Plaice 😩

We will try again soon

Roll on the Sharking season 👍











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Good report Tony. Sorry to hear the fish didn’t play. Just seemed to be one of those days. Either that or we are just all shit at fishing. 
Not surprised your mate felt ill if he hadn’t been eating throughout the day. A steady supply of energy is always needed. Maybe you should keep some ginger biscuits onboard for him next time, ginger is supposed to be good for seasickness. Also, don’t let him sit with his head down, not looking at the horizon will also make you feel ill in a bit of chop. 

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Nice report Tony, still plenty of time to catch some plaice I hope,feel sorry for your mate,never suffered with sea sickness myself but have seen people who have so he has my sympathy as it's not nice.


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