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Yamaha 6H2 Autolube Carb


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Just had a call from the firm servicing my outboard. One of the carbs is corroded and the throttle is sticking open and needs to be replaced. 

A new one is expensive and not available for 8 weeks. Does anyone have a carb off a blown engine or spare?




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If its just the throttle sticking, its easy enough fix, 2 screws remove the butterfly, tap the shaft out, clean hole with light abrasives, clean shaft, lubricate and refit...

As alternative, split them all out, strip and send them all away to be ultrasonically cleaned, some places will strip and rebuild them for you as part of the service

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57 minutes ago, LostPiker said:

Its Windsor Marine in Camberley. I live about 10 minutes from them

Ok, it's not the one I had in mind, but I've used Barry Winsor in the past too. His work is good, if a little pricey.

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