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Trailer Repairs

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I've just got a Wilson Flyer 17ft and it came on a 1300kg single axle trailer that has just been used for launching and had no maintenance for what looks like a long time. Seller said it had just had bearings but the 4mm rock on the hubs disagrees with this...

Most of the brake components have been stripped off and the axle appears to be seized. I have spoken to Peak who made the axle and a brand new one with all the brakes is £400 which just leaves the hitch part. It doesn't seem to move in or out. I haven't had it apart yet but is it likely to be dead? I really don't want to have to spend another £400 odd on a replacement but I don't know the terminology to find a 2nd hand part. Most of the pictures I look at the trailer has 2 arms that form an A shape with the coupling bolting to the two arms, mine has a single box section arm that the coupling attaches to. Does this style have a name I can use to search for? Is a caravan breakers likely to be any use?


I was a automotive fabricator and have built car chassis's and roll cages etc so I'm confident with welding and fabrication if required but just don't know about trailers


Any help would be great




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Yes, you can get coupler heads for 50mm box and round, couple of other sizes too.... Will have a chat with ya later if ya want, as built/modded "a few" trailers..... Gotta get ready to pick the lad up right now as he's going straight from school to motocross track

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