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Day 1....


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On 5/29/2021 at 2:42 PM, Odyssey said:

Headed offshore, 6am start out out to Celtic deeps.

morntoo bad on way out, a bit of swell but not too much wind. As soon as chum in water it got up, along with a 5-6ft swell with chop on top....

one fish, a small porgie about 120-130lb released boat side. So I’m on the score board ateast. Only 199 to go now.

Was rough as hell when I left, so was a fun ride home 🤣🤣🤣 Was a solo trip so best thought I’d beat a retreat 

Reefing tomorrow and maybe a bit of tope fishing 

Well done Luke, the first one is quite satisfying as you know the tackle is performing as you expect it to.

Down here today was perfect conditions with 0.3m swell @ 11.5 secs, however, I knew that going out would be folly until I get this flare up sorted, but being retired I get to go every good day, so a bank holiday weekend is no big loss to me.

This afternoon there was a 50mile slow moving tailback with traffic coming into Devon & Cornwall......... eat meat, grill a grockle 🤣




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Emma’s bro in law has family in Devon. Took hours to get there, quiet in west Wales, hope they don’t find out how nice it is here 😉 

bit breezy today but maybe a tope hunt shall see what the good lady says, suns out so a nice day to mess around in boats at least 🙂

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