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3 hours ago, Maverick said:

The mark we would have fished was already taken and glad it was as we went slightly off piste where we had 25-30 Bream.


Well done. We get very few Bream here. A few on selected wrecks in the autumn, but they take some finding and the pout become a pest.

There is a reef near Dartmouth that yields a few, but I never seem to have time there when fishing the skerries, as plaice are far more important to the crew 🙄

Very close to us is an underwater feature known as ‘Bream Rock’, but you cant anchor as the pick always gets snagged, and it is off a headland so the tide run is fierce and any fish would need a motorbike to keep up with the bait on a drift.🤣


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9 hours ago, Andy135 said:

What baits were the hounds taking? Guessing you weren't fishing with crab if you were after bream?

Believe it or not they were not targeted and were caught on thin strips of squid on size 4 semi circular hooks intended for Bream.  Only one fish broke me up which felt weighty but I left it to long and guess it wrapped itself up in the line as I lost the lot

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