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I bought a 6hp Johnson off of a guy fairly local on FB a while back. Had a set to with it a few months ago and was never happy about how it ran. A couple of weeks ago, an evinrude 6hp seahorse came up with iffy gearbox......

Went to have a butchers, it struck straight up and sounded spot on, so was purchased for a miserly £70..........

So today I ripped the good evinrude engine out, then I ripped the johnson out and apart fom paint, everything looked identical.

The power head gasket stayed intact, which is good as chances of getting one any time soon are probably minimal....


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Next up will be to rob the recoil start mech from the johnson as the evinrude one didn't work, then I need to swap the flywheels over so I can retain the engine run switch. Once that's all done, can get on with giving it a service and impellor kit then on to testing.

Will hang it on the back of the row boat and give it a good test on the river before it goes on the big boat. It is nice and light too.... Bonus

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Just a quick update on this..... The mixture rods are now swapped out and have succeeded in losing the relevant knob!!

I rebuilt the recoil starter for it, and can honestly say I'm not entirely happy with it..... BUT.....

It starts. Had it running for a little while and it sounds sweet, goes in and out of gear nicely, so now the bottom end can be serviced.

Need to beg/borrow.steal a puller to sort the stator so can use the run switch.....

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