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PB Mullet (Thick Lip)


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1 hour ago, GPSguru said:

Well done, that is a seriously good fish, now you just have to break the double barrier, and TBH that would be the fish of a lifetime !

I do fish for both thick lips and thinlips, but I find the thicklips are bloody infuriating 🙂

Before I got back into the boat fishing I spent 2013-2017 solely targetting them.  A bloody harsh learning curve at the start but they have taught me alot especially patience.  

I don't fish for thins 🤔,  I don't like using spinners. I have had 1 or 2 on float fished bread though and they don't fight anywhere near as well as Thick lips. 

My favourite method is taking them off the top, there is nothing like watching a bow wave head for your surface flake, slow down and then you see the mouth engulf your flake. Set the hook and wait for the fireworks. 

Just a shame numbers have dwindled round here, 2014 saw me catch 76 from the Hamble between March and October. Biggest was 6lb 11oz, I had 6 fish over 5lb the rest were in the 3 - 4lb range.

I put the same amount of trips in 2015 & 2016.  2015 was shocking in comparison. Swims that produced before were now devoid of fish,  locally numbers are still well down on 2013 & 2014.  The average size is down and the number of 5lb fish caught has reduced. 

I am an active member of the NMC and we record all catches and report them to a recording officer the trends from lots of people inputting data are very clear,  something happened to the fish on the south coast between Poole and Shoreham as everyone is reporting the same, numbers and sizes are no longer what they were pre 2015

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2 hours ago, mike farrants said:

i was down the boat last night and the mullet were thick - im going to try for them from the boat some evenings - there were others there float fishing with peas? i'll try bread on the surface first.



They'll take all sorts if it is something they will come across to eat. 

The Weymouth mullet can be particularly cagey so good luck.  Keep your gear light and keep all the hook covered in your bait, the minute they see or feel it they tend to eject the bait.

If you can get them close to your boat just freeline a flake for them dispense with float etc

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