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Small but fiesty


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Finally Some suitable weather that coincided with my day off meant  I could take advantage of my  yak .

I had planned the early morning tide but as it takes me 2hrs to drive to the coast plus a good half hour loading up the 3 am departure deadline was dismissed as I poured a large glass of wine on the evening prior to my planned assault . 

As I woke the following morning I kicked myself for giving in too easily and hatched a plan  for the evening tide .

Later That the Afternoon once on  the road south  I remembered what a pain it can be in rush hour to get to the coast ...the trip worked out as follows :

6 hours commute and two hours fishing .

It was a tad choppier than expected and a weak tide seemed to bring nothing but tiddlers but I can't complain as I caught 12 of these little fiesty blighters .

I was also very happy to see that on returning to the slip my car was still in one piece and catalytic converter still attached ....Thank you Hampshire travellers!


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1 hour ago, Saintly Fish said:

I’m not sure where you are from Dave but I guess either the M3 or M27 gave you troubles? Or both! 

Yes Both ! 

M3 was a poor guy in a brand new VW broke down in the fast lane .


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