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Mullet session


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Met up with Andy, Neil and Leo on Sunday for a spot of mulleting. 

Idea was to share some methods and tricks that work for me when targeting them. First rule with mullet is there are no rules 😁

A lot of people over complicate mullet fishing, personally I keep things as simple as possible, my sole aim is to make a rig that allows me to present the bait in a manner of different ways that is very quickly adaptable, this is my key as very often a quick change in the way you present the bait will result in a take and this would prove the case today. 

First stop was to nose into a marina that I always check when I'm fishing the area. Good choice today as when we turned up there were fish right in the margins,  first tip was showing how hard it can be even when you can see the fish to ID it as a thick or thin. My usual method is to try and get a good look but it wasn't easy today so the next thing to do is ping some bread in front of it and see what happens.  Bingo it proved to be a thick as it quickly took a liking to the surface flakes. 

We all popped some surface flakes in which resulted in a couple of nudges but nothing serious.  So I shallowed up my float rig, pinched the flake harder and dipped it for a slow sinker.  First trot with the sinker saw the fish head for it but not commit, I pulled the float back which raised the flake up and I let it float through again slowly sinking, this gained a bit more interest and I saw the fish take the flake in and spit back out, nothing wrong with my presentation so I left it and the fish sucked it back in that's when I set the hook. Bang fish on,   good little scrap and the first mullet was landed not bad considering it was 1/2 hr into the session. 3lb 5oz was the weight, couple of pics taken before it was released. 

Sadly that was it on the mullet front, we moved onto the sedge where I was trotting baits through with a bread mash mix thrown over the top resulting in lots of unhittable bites, a few bass fell to the bread but sadly that was it for the mullet, we are heading to the end of the season round here so not too disappointed as we managed one. 

Everyone had a fish be it Bass or Mullet


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Just now, Scotch_Egg2012 said:

Good luck, shame flounder numbers have taken a massive dive on the south coast over the last 10 or so years

Yes agreed, mainly down to them being used as pot bait I reckon. 
There will still be a couple put there, just need to hunt them down!  

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