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how do you hash tag someone

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9 minutes ago, captin slows old outlaw said:

a few days ago  some one was going on about # tags. how, when , ect i have no idear

Do you mean tagging somebody into a subject or conversation Pete? 
If so, press the @ button, then space. A box shows up, then just start typing the name of the member you wish to tag in! 

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@captin slows old outlaw <-- if you mean like that, then as @Saintly Fish says, type the @ symbol then start typing the username of the person you want to tag.

Hash tags are used on Twitter as a way to identify or start trends. Some people (including Neil and I) use them on other sites, including here, to take the mickey out of each other. They have no system functionality but are used to reinforce a point.


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4 minutes ago, captin slows old outlaw said:

@Andy135 oh i see

The hashtag achieves nothing from a system perspective, but tagging someone with the @ symbol highlights their username in the post, and they get a forum notification that they have been mentioned in the post.

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