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Norfolk Shingle 3/10/21


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Took the lad to get out and get some fresh air this morning. With bottom of the tide around 11.30am, we aimed to be at the beach and fishing for 10-10.30.

We arrived and duly set up camp, very little tide running at all and the water crystal clear and a bright clear sky..... Probably not the most auspicious of conditions.

So we settled into a rhythm with 2 rods out each fishing squid and mack.

There were quite a few diving birds working the close in area so we both had 1 rod around 20-25ft out and 1 at longer range. This isn't a big distance beach as it's pretty deep.

Needless to say, somehow I managed to rip my arm casting, not sure how that happened, but the next cast it was even worse, felt it physically pop the muscle!! Pretty painful. The lad came to the rescue and started getting him to be able to cast.

So, that, was pretty much it, one baby rockling to the the lad, which went back out as live bait, not a knock, nothing, nada...... Beautiful morning tho (should that be bootiful), watching a fit bird swimming and some paddle boarders on a pretty much flat sea....


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