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Saturday 23rd July - Weymouth

mike farrants

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With the wind forecast to pick up to near 20mph westerly from lunchtime we chose to try a new mark close in to portland - Balaclava bay, under the shadow of the Verne and hopefully tucked out of the wind. 

As we left the marina at 7am we were greeted with mill pond conditions - beautiful flat seas a light breeze and glorious sunshine! 


we went for mackerel in the 1st portland harbour entrance, on some of @GPSgurus recommended Snowbikis and they did the trick alright -  plenty of mackerel, scad and pollack - Tim got a keeper pollock of about 3-4lb (which he promptly gave to me for tea). 



We moved up to the 2nd entrance (checkers) and got more mackerel - plenty enough for what might be a short day. 

by the time we anchored the wind had picked up - and had a lot more south in it - meaning we had a challenge with wind v tide - not choppy - but the boat wouldn't sit right and was almost right angles to the anchor warp.

we both fished one big bait and also had some lighter gear on 2 hook flappers - Tim had a decent smoothie on the light gear - and we both had plenty of pout - the big baits were getting stripped (by the pout) and we found fishing 4 rods from a swinging boat meant tangles and snaggs so we dropped down to just the one rod and continued with nothing but pout.


we soon lifted anchor and chose to go drift close in over sand and then over rough ground with ragworm baits

nothing on the sand but the rough ground produced a steady stream of small whiting, corkwing and ballan wrasse.


the wind did pick up but the sea state didn't too much - although all the commercials and charters seemed to be doing a half day - we called it at 3pm


a good days mixed fishing 

Mackerel, Scad, pollock, smoothie, whiting , corkwing, Ballan, 

and a fresh pan fried pollock and avo wrap when i got in!!


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34 minutes ago, Andy135 said:

Top dangling as always! Well done - nice pics too. Jon will be pleased 😁

Not really- I was in a queue at an online catalogue type tool shop at the time trying to sort an order out. 

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36 minutes ago, mike farrants said:

should of used the App Jon.... no need to queue! 

There wasn’t a queue, that’s why I went in. Strangely there was a lot of people queuing over the road at Toolstation, I guess their service and prices are worth it🤣

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1 hour ago, JonC said:

Not really- I was in a queue at an online catalogue type tool shop at the time trying to sort an order out. 

hmmmm ok,


well the queue at Toolstation is simply because they have to buy it from us, then they slap on their profit and sell it to you...... 

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