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At the age of 77 years young I have enjoyed fishing ever since "sticklebacking" in Hadleigh woods (in the small ponds - not in the shrubbery) and having to be rescued from a boom at Shoeburyness when my older brother Peter miscalculated the speed of the incoming tide. My parents bought a new Microplus which was on the river Blackwater at stone and I tried fishing from the boat, but only ever blanked. Whilst "courting" my wife Joyce we spent many hours fishing from the beach/rocks around the Plymouth area Heybrook bay, Cawsand etc. usually with some success, Wrasse and Polack, but my mind may not have always been on the fishing!!! When we had a boat of our own we would have summer days out on the boat, both on the sea and inland waterways and a rod was always to hand, but catches were basically limited to Mackerel and river fish. When we lived in the west country I did sometimes have a day out on a charter boat from Plymouth which did produce a few fish (mainly Polack IIRC. The only time that I have ever caught a large fish was on a charter boat out of Gran Canaria and that was a Tuna - about 60kg I think. Whilst I have always enjoyed fishing and have spent many productive (or non productive) hours doing so, I must admit that my main interest is in boats and boating. Wishing for, looking at, owning, going on, skiing behind, fishing from, buying, boat building or whatever, but boats. For me personally boating comes first and fishing second. I am aware that most forum members are dedicated "fishing comes first" people, are there any other "deviants" like myself on board here? Running for cover. Geoff.

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Geoff, I’m definitely a 50/50 man when it comes to boats. In the summer there is nothing better than day or weekend trips away on the boat with family and/or friends. If the opportunity for a dangle comes up I’ll take it, if not a pleasant cruise is just as nice. Just being on the boat is a whole new world . Ok so I’m called the marina queen and probably deservedly so in most instances, but only because I spend a lot of time in marinas. Not necessarily my home one though. We don’t really have the areas or type of boat that a weekend at anchor can be realistic. So visiting different ports and pubs is the way we go. If the weathers too bad to go out, then we spend all weekend at our home berth and fish from the pontoon or mess around on the tender. Or if it’s raining, just snuggle in the saloon and watch tv or read a book whilst the rain runs down the windows. 
Fishing with the lads is also a big part of my life too. Most of the boys only days are spent in the colder months, but an early summer start for tope etc is always on the cards ! 

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i like woorking on my boat, tring to find the best way to do it ,finding out from thouse who know beter and having a go . looking at outher boats for idears which i can youse.

fishing is grate to .targeting fish and cathing dogys instead. all part of the fun. and then the best bit the fishing  boating comuty, helpfull, funny, serpotive,  and plenty of nolage to share

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