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Pickshures....... Aka image hosting


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Pictures aka image hosting.

Don't know how many of you have considered image hosting, but there is a very good reason to do it. If you use a host such as flickr, then they are paying for all the storage, if you don't use a host, the offshore outlaws pic up the tab.

I use flickr, so will work with that, but there are others such as imgur that work more or less the same..... So, basically I download my camera to the pc, open flickr, select what pics I want to keep then upload them.

I have my flickr account well locked down with regards who can access my pics or share them ie, me and only me........

When I want to use an image, I open it, click share and the link comes up then just copy and paste the link into the forum post and voila.....

Theres no messing around with resizing and resaving in correct format, it's done.... Flickr is free to use for 1st 1000 images, which for most people is a lot. It can be used with phones as well......

It may seem pointless to some, but there are 3 people paying for this site out of their own pockets, as the site grows, and content with it, there will come a point where there is an excess of content that is beyond the licence of the site..... The more like this we do, the less liklihood of needing ads etc to pay for it........

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1 minute ago, Saintly Fish said:

Can we not post iCloud links to pics too @Andy135?


We can link to images from anywhere on the web, so long as they are publicly accessible, so for iCloud images it would depend on your iCloud settings. If you make the images public then in theory it should work. Give it a try.

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