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Morebas Boats

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11 hours ago, steve dean said:

Hi, I now own a Morebas 17ft Norwegian built fast fisher. Does anyone have info on how these were constructed and wether anyone has had problems with the transom or foam getting wet inside deck?


Hi Steve and welcome.

Can't say I know anything about morebas boats, but it's inevitable over time that a transom will rot, and water will eventually find its way in to foam compartments. Do you know for sure you have these issues?

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Ok, well if you want to find out, there are several avenues you can take. If you know the weight of everything, you could put it on a weighbridge and see what that comes back as.

Any sign of transom flexing, lift the motor, then try picking it up, pulling it down by hand and see if the transom moves.

You can also drill test holes in strategic places, if you get soggy wood back......

Leaving boat tilted up with drain plug out and see if much comes out can be an indicator, and bouncy squishy decks.


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Without photos it either doesn't exist or never happened, learnt that from JonC.

Have the rear nuts puled slightly into the glass on the inside of the transom ? often a sign of a rotten transom.

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