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Nanni 5.250


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34 minutes ago, Mark said:

Event everyone I’m after a bit of advice, I tried to take side plates of heat exchanger, took the through bolts of and the plate is solid, does it need a good wallop with mallet or is it threaded??


Yours looks kind of like mine with a single bolt through the middle. On my Yanmar the plate needed a bit of gentle persuasion with a rubber mallet to get it unstuck.

if you do tap it a few times, I take no responsibility for the result, unless it’s a good one!

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15 minutes ago, Dermot McCarthy said:

Th bolt should thread all the ways out. It should thread free from the tubestack inside.  The cover is seperate and should come free with a gentle tap with a piece of wood and a hammer.

Welcome Dermot. If you haven't already, don't forget to post up an Intro in the Introductions thread 👍

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8 hours ago, Mark said:

All fixed now thanks to everyone’s advice, the thread was completely shot so ended up putting a stainless threaded bar straight through heat exchanger with a nut and washer either end better than original design 👍

Well done that man. Have you had a chance to try it out in anger since repair?

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