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Bonwitco 480 dromedile

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Thoughts on this type of boat please as I have seen one which looks tidy. Can they be single handed launched on a solid slip, what kind of car would be suitable to trailer it around 5 miles? Sea keeping, problems, etc 

Many thanks 

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I seem to remember that they have very low freeboard, possibly designed for use on enclosed waters? Not sure when they stopped making them but even the youngest must be over 20 years old by now, so all the usual issues would need checking carefully (spongy deck, rotten transom, condition of hull GRP, is the trailer sound etc)

At that size they can be solo launched - I solo launched my previous boat, a 16.5ft fast fisher, on shingle so I'd say you'd have no trouble.

They don't weight much (less than 500kgs I believe), so towing would be possible with any vehicle, but launching down a slippery slipway may require a vehicle with decent levels of grip.

Are you thinking of coming over to the dark side and investing in a boat then?

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I tried looking for information but I didn't find much. Possibly as a day boat with family and friends and very much so inshore dangling. Local launch is generally very clear of slime but can be covered by sand by a couple to 6 inches but we've shovelled enough off before, so I'll be keeping it on the drive if it works out. I have a friend who is good with engines and the hull etc were unknowns. 

Thanks everyone 


And I will be keeping the yak!

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