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Great Yarmouth 13/7


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Well, we got out, which was a good start!

Headed North of Scroby and stopped to feather for mack. Loads of undersize mack, more than ever seen here before. Tried slightly different mark and much the same, nice bass about 5lb came aboard.

Headed of for our main mark for the day to see out the tide.No tope were home. Plenty of small stuff about tho....

At death of the tide, we headed for a wreck and had multiple drifts.

We had a decent cod come off the wreck and another 3 or 4 were lost. Few small pouting came up also.

With weather  turning, we headed inshore and back on the feathers, by now wind had turned easterly and it was the kiss of death so we headed in.....

Good craic, plenty of tea and all but tope up for it.

My species tally for the day-




lots of life out there today, future summers are looking up

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Skipper had been on the usual tope mark the day before and the weather kicked the sh*t out of them for 2 runs all day, so we tried a different mark.

The skate haven't shown in any numbers either this year, but the wind has been totally wrong for around 6 weeks, may be connected, who knows?


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