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Not my boat but one I fish from. One of the guys I fish with in his bigger boat quite regularly bought this for his kids. This is the 13yr old running in the engine. We did have a 10km race up the coast in chop at full noise and I was surprised that my 15ft centre console managed to out perform them.  
I bought a second hand engine off his kids last boat, should I be worried!!!!!!…..makes sense why there was so much salt under the cowling.





















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6 hours ago, Geoff said:

"Some high flier". That looks like great fun. It looks like that engine is pod/hull extension mounted. It looks a pretty powerful lump as well'. Geoff.

Its not an extended pod, just how they are built. Yes power to weight ratio is about right for it now, it wasn't so good when it had the 115 which I took off to put on my 15ft centre console. The 115 is perfect on my boat which is a very heavy build and actually managed to outrun this blue boat on the day of these photos in that small chop, mine has a slightly deeper v. The blue boat has a flooding underfloor section which is claimed to add to stability but even with a deeper v my little boat is more stable at rest.

Boats are always such a compromise, we need power to reach some of the offshore species and dodge bad weather but also the economy to be able to afford to do it. I can sit at 2.5km+ per litre where the blue boat is at 1km per litre. 

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